Make better decisions with qualitative analysis

A qualitative study reveals people’s interpretations of their own situations, motives, attitudes and behaviour.

A qualitative analysis creates insights that can strengthen decisions and enable concrete action to alter social interaction.

Grounded in my extensive experience with qualitative studies as a researcher and consultant, I uncover human behaviour and social interaction on the basis of anthropological theory and methodology.

An analysis provides an understanding of the overall social contexts, prevalent norms, fixed routines and internal logics of a situation – in short, understanding of the social and cultural knowledge that characterises a group of people and their interrelationships.

The result of a qualitative analysis is legitimate knowledge of ‘what is going on’; about the reduction and simplification of complex social interactions, as well as the visualisation and concretisation of activities and problems.

Over the years I have studied a wide variety of themes, and together with researchers and/or reliable business partners, I carry out projects large and small and other tasks in Denmark and abroad.

An analysis can be made on the basis of various qualitative methods, such as individual and focus group interviews and observation. The choice of methods is matched to the time frame and the issue.

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